German Shepherd Puppy

No Puppies Left

Last Updated: July 4, 2023

There are no puppies available as of July 4th.

Q: So why do you still have a sign?

A: During my mission to find loving and caring homes for these puppies, The City of Bedford targeted my family and I with frivolous enforcement activities of city ordinances that do not pass the strict scrutiny test with regards to Freedom of Speech and Expression afforded to us my the first amendment. While my mission to rehome these puppies have been completed, my focus now turns on protecting my rights and the rights of my fellow Bedfordites from an overreaching government. The sign now represents this purpose.

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Q: Was it 11 or 13 puppies?

A: Thank you to everyone who helped care for and find loving homes for these 11 puppies. For those wondering, our dam, Sonni, gave birth to 13 puppies, One passed away 2 days later and we decided to keep one. 13 is such a large number of a usual litter size, almost double what would usually be expected.

Q: Will you be having more puppies?

A: No. The plan was always to only have one litter. My family and I spent over 8 years preparing and planning for this litter of puppies. We knew that our sire, Shadow, was aging out of the eligible stud class for AKC registered German Shepherd Puppies next year. We have always taken pet ownership seriously and even more so when we knew that we would be whelping. Both our dam and sire went through multiple rounds of testing and screening to ensure top physical health. We diligently spent time with each animal to ensure that they possessed the drive and stamina expected of the breed.

Q: I just really wanted a puppy…

A: No problem. Please visit my friend Glenn at